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Our History

Boyertown is filled with history. Starting with the Native American tribes that thrived in our area to our current local lore and Guinness World Records. Our town's coal mines were a huge resource that powered the original colonies and drew scientists like Thomas Edison. The Boyertown Casket Factory was the second largest producer in the world and helped to migrate Americans further west. Our hotels have hosted European Royalty. We are the hometown of General Carl Spaatz, who founded the Air Force Academy and played a major role in ending WWII. Even our town's tragedies have impacted national safety standards that are still used today.


Building A Better Boyertown was formed as a 501c3 non-profit in 2002. For the last twenty years we have been working hard to make our community a better, safer place to be. We have lined the streets with trees and flowers, provided façade grants to businesses and residents looking to beautify their buildings. We have hosted many of your favorite community building events such as Oktoberfest, Chillin' on Main and Cruise Night. We look forward to making our town the best it can be!


These photos were provided thanks to the Boyertown Area Historical Society